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True Flavors come from True Spices; that is the belief that lead RAIDCO to venture into the spices industry. Today when profits drive business policies, RAIDCO believes that quality will be their defining measure of success. Being a Kerala Government Co-Operative Society, RAIDCO’s team believes that it is its duty and privilege to initiate this change in the Malayalee food culture.


Food should make you healthier & stronger and nothing less. To live up to this ambition the RAIDCO team set out on a rigorous journey across India to identify and source the best ingredients for you. The state-of-the-art processing plant then ensures that only the best products reach you, in the best possible form. Our marketing team will ensure that every Malayalee has access to RAIDCO products.


For over 40 years RAIDCO has worked with and for farmers as a Government channel for agricultural machinery and inputs. That association will now strengthen with this new venture, where ethical sourcing will ensure that farmers receive due benefit and respect for putting their heart and soul into providing nutritious food.


RAIDCO hopes not only to provide good food products but also to initiate a change that makes every Malayalee pay more attention to the food he consumes and thereby form the foundation for a healthier tomorrow for all of us.


The Brand

The RAIDCO brand of spices and food products will symbolize a great new change in our food culture. It stands for conscious efforts taken in the direction of cleaning out unhealthy practices from the food industry and replacing it with good, honest products and policies that promote health



Chairman's Message

M Surendran
Chairman | RAIDCO

RAIDCO’s journey began with Agricultural machinery over 40 years ago, with constant innovation and brand evolution, today it brings to the market everything from Solar Powered Products to Food Products of unparalleled quality. The only thing that has remained constant throughout its existence is its desire to continuously improve standards and serve to the consumer, the best possible products.

Profit centered business policies have led to an erosion of quality in food products, paving way for adulteration and other harmful practices. Realizing that this trend is dangerous, RAIDCO committed itself to establishing a better food culture in our state by providing pure and healthy food products.

Malayalees traditionally grew food in their front yards, lived close to nature and had healthy habits but today everyone is too busy to care about what they consume, which is the most fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. With its Spices & other Food Products, RAIDCO intends to bring  Malayalees back to their roots and bring back the culture of good food again.

With the strong belief that True Flavors can only be derived from True Spices, RAIDCO commits itself to bringing its consumers healthy and honest food products.

Leadership Team

raidco chairman
M Surendran
V ratheesan I A S
V Ratheesan I A S
Manoj Kumar C.P
Manoj Kumar C P
Managing Director
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